Yoga Mat Seconds

Why buy factory-seconds?

We want to promote environmental sustainability through reduction of perfectly usable yoga mats being sent to landfill. We always ensure that we use local products if possible and ensure that our partner suppliers have environmental policies that do not conflict with our own. It is for this reason that we are able to source these mats at a discounted rate, and pass this discount on to you!

Consider this…if you were to make a batch of cakes and one differed marginally from the rest in terms of aesthetics…would you still eat it, or throw it away? Would you go to a farmers market and not buy fruit and vegetables due to shape or variation? We live in a world where everyone expects perfection – but why not be imperfectly perfect? To us – this is more natural and sustainable.

What should I expect from the quality of my factory-second yoga mat?

Upon receipt of any factory-second order we spend a day going through each box checking the standard of the seconds. We will always aim to keep the Outlet up to date with particulars (such as the batch being thin, or having a particular mark etc). Any mats that we deem to be usable but are particularly ‘unique’ are then donated to the charity. This way there is absolutely no waste – and you can count on the factory-seconds being in good condition!

The factory-seconds that we have for sale on the Outlet are ones that differ marginally from the specifications or have small marks etc. Please be assured that we would never send you an unusable mat – or one which has extremely bad marks etc. Every mat sent is perfectly usable; any aesthetic defects do not affect the functionality of the mat.

Things that might be present on your factory second…

  • Slightly thicker/thinner than specifications
  • Slight bubbling/tiny marks
  • Slightly longer/shorter/wider etc
  • Slight ridging/indents/lines (which does not impact functionality).

We truly can’t remember the last time someone was not happy with the mat they received! Normally these surpass expectations and are a real bargain.

Eko Balance Travel Yoga Mat (Factory-Second)

Eko Balance Travel Yoga Mat (Factory-Second)

At 2.9mm thick this is a thinner, lighter, and more easily folded version of the Asana Mat but still has all of the excellent qualities that make this mat so...

Sale price £11.00

Save £14