Organic Cotton Yoga Strap

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Super-strong, GOTS certified organic cotton with a metal buckle. Our straps hold you securely, and we guarantee they'll last! 

The belt has a 1.5" secure adjuster and will encourage you to go deeper into your pose.

Best Materials

Organic cotton is grown without chemical pesticides or harmful fertilizers. We use a strong weave, to ensure it is long-lasting - as well as super-soft!

How to use

Yoga Straps are extremely versatile yoga props that give you control in poses that you find difficult. They are suitable for yoga practitioners of all skill levels and assist in deep stretches and balances, particularly postures involving your hips and shoulders. 

Straps are used for improving your flexibility, enhancing control of your body and alignment. They help you conquer poses while improving muscle strength. Yoga Belts can be useful in the bound angle pose, forward bend, standing and reclined hamstring stretch among many others.


Our straps and belts are made with organic cotton and manufactured by our certified GOTS supplier in India. GOTS certification is independently verified, and ensures good working conditions and fair pay.

Recyclable, plastic-free packaging - wrapped in brown paper, paper tape and cardboard.


Width - 4 cm

Lenght - 240 cm

Material – Organic Cotton

 Are you a Teacher or Yoga Studio owner and need to buy in bulk? You can buy a Organic Cotton Yoga Straps 12-pack here or create a wholesale account if you are placing a larger order.


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